DVD Once upon a time, the Continental Circus

19,00  (frais de port 3€ en France)

Film directed by Bernard Fau.

Bernard Fau, 30 years later, returns to the track to continue the adventure by filming it. 3 hours of testimonials and actions, today and yesterday, with legendary riders for whom life had meaning only in the fulfillment of their passion.

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Continental Circus motorcycle Grand Prix rider, Bernard fau was one of the actors of the french generation of the 70’s alongside the Pons, Rougerie, Saron, Bertin, Bolle, Saul, Fernandez, etc.
At the age of 60 he returns to the path of the mythical circuits of Europe for the beauty of the gesture and the need to count this love story which continues within the paddocks and on the tracks. It shows the adventure of this handful of men who realized their dreams and accepted the risks associated with this universe.
This film retraces the golden age of the Continental Circus through the testimonies of champions, such as Giacomo Agostini, unpublished archive footage and filming of current ICGP (International Classic Grand Prix) races. And if nostalgia is never far away, the passion for racing is still just as powerful…
The singularity of this documentary was the decisive support of enthusiasts who, through a subscription on the web, allowed its finalization and thus made it a real “family film”.

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Language : English
Duration: 180min
Size: 16/9″


DVD, Bluray